The LiveWell Report

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Every brand has a story, a reason for existing, a problem it solves, that can motivate shoppers to make an informed purchase decision. How about we tell that story? The first decision every consumer has to make is whether to buy or not; the second decision is whether they’ll become committed to your brand. They’ve seen your product on shelf. They’ve seen the ads. Now they need to make a decision but need reassurance.

LiveWell Marketing has informed and reassured tens of thousands of shoppers with person-to- person in-store and in-show marketing, connecting brands with consumers in their pursuit of wellness.

The LiveWell Report will be a reliable and authoritative Third Party Endorsement, conveying a story that features vital, informative and relevant information that consumers need to make informed decisions. Expert LiveWell Marketing brand analysis A unique and informative creative approach and video production Award-winning commercial director QR code creation, activation and management for consumers to seek more information Social media and broadcast buy.