About LiveWell Marketing

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At LiveWell Marketing, we have seen firsthand how a different approach can penetrate people’s inherent reluctance to try something new. We specialize in helping brands expand past their established niche – for example, how to encourage a carnivore to try something vegetarian? How to encourage an ‘unconscious consumer’ to become a ‘conscious consumer’? We excel in assisting brands to attract consumers who make – or would make – purchase decisions based on their personal beliefs.

We Evaluate

We examine brands to identify potential consumers. From this evaluation, we work with you to strategically build programs that will enable a structural shift in how consumers think, feel, and respond to your brand.

Founding Partners

Peter Wright, CEO, and Kelly Atyeo-Fick, President, became partners in 2012 to create a company focused on the promotion of wellness products and services.

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Peter Wright

CEO & Founding Partner
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Kelly Atyeo-Fick

Founding Partner


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- Thomas Perny, Supervisor, International Trade Development, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services / Fresh from Florida

Since “Fresh From Florida” products are primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, we are attracted to Livewell Marketing’s background and emphasis on nutrition. They have been adept in creating plans for us to gain maximum consumer exposure within the confines of retail grocery stores and consumer shows. LiveWell’s nutritionist/demo personnel present a clean cut appearance and are well versed in the marketing message to be imparted to each consumer. For our needs, LiveWell Marketing provides us a valuable service that reaches consumers in a unique, targeted manner.